Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI)

Information Based Medicine

The HMRI Information Based Medicine Program is paving the way for a personalised approach to healthcare, informing the development of patient-tailored treatment to a host of diseases that are a result of the genetic background of an individual and environmental factors.

Researchers are utilising instruments that can capture enormous amounts of data followed by complex computational analysis to extract meaningful information from clinical and molecular findings to identify disease associated genetic patterns.

The Program draws together the disciplines of genetics, epidemiology and bioinformatics with clinical information and population data, to provide information to life scientists that can be used to predict the risk of disease and the likely response to different treatments

Researchers in the Information Based Medicine Program are currently focussed on:

  • Understanding the relationship between the environment and our genes in health and disease
  • Developing mathematical models based on Information Theory for Biomarker Discovery
  • Identification of molecular markers associated with increased malignancy of cancers
  • Identification of molecular markers in mental illness, Multiple Sclerosis, macular degeneration and stroke
  • Genetics of susceptibility to infection in SIDS, indigenous health and elite athletes
  • Functional brain imaging in stroke and schizophrenia
  • Mathematical models to improve radiation treatments for cancers

HMRI is one of only two sites in Australia where core basic research in bioinformatics is linked directly with clinical research practice. Many researchers working within the program are also members of other HMRI Research Programs, establishing unique and productive
research synergies and collaborations.

The Information Based Medicine Program has many members who are affiliated with the University’s Priority Research Centre in Bioinformatics, Biomarker Discovery and Information-Based Medicine, and also incorporates:

Program LeadersProfessor Rodney Scott and Professor Pablo Moscato, The University of Newcastle

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