Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI)


Clinical Research Design, Information Technology and Statistical Support

The HMRI CReDITSS Unit offers all medical researchers a free 1hr initial consultation for to discuss your project.

If you required additional help, the team offers statistical support at $105 /hr. You are able to do the work yourself under their supervision, or they can complete the work for you. Most students that require additional help are happy with 2-4 hours, which can come from RTS funds. Either way, a formal quote is provided for the required services.

CReDITSS offers help in the following areas:

  • Study design (observational and experimental).
  • Grant applications (design, power, methods).
  • Statistical methods such as linear regression, other generalised linear models such as logistic and poison regression, ANOVA, multilevel (hierarchical) linear models, factor analysis, structural equation modelling, survival analysis, classification and regression trees, predictive modelling, agreement, mediation, meta-analysis, latent-class analysis, and Bayesian analysis.
  • Advice on the treatment of missing data (with methods such as multiple imputation, selection and pattern mixture models).

Use of statistical software including Stata, SPSS, SAS, JMP, GraphPad, R, and WinBUGS

CReDITSS is not-for-profit and works on a cost-recovery basis as a service to local researchers.

Key Contacts:

Jean Ball – Statistician
Phone:  (02) 4042 0340

Joseph Hanna – Statistician
Phone:  (02) 4042 0502

Alessandra Bisquera – Statistician
Phone: (02) 4042 0320

Kerrin Palazzi – Junior Statistician
Phone: (02) 4042 0505

Dr Elizabeth Holliday – NHMRC Research Fellow
Phone: (02) 4042 0508

Dr Chris Oldmeadow – Senior Statistician
Phone: (02) 4042 0499

Stephen Cowling – Senior Programmer
Phone: (02) 4042 0495

Luke Klein – Web Developer
Phone: (02) 4042 0501

Will Dampney – Web Developer
Phone:  (02) 4042 0498

Professor John Attia – Co-Director CReDITSS
Phone: (02) 4042 0515


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