Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI)


Clinical Research Design, Information Technology and Statistical Support

CReDITSS provides methodological support and expertise to a wide variety of researchers across the university, the hospital service and HMRI. The unit comprises a mid-level statistician, three junior statisticians, two post-doctoral statisticians, and a research programmer/analyst, and is overseen by a senior statistician and a clinical epidemiologist.

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Typically, researchers will meet with members of the unit at the beginning of their research project to discuss the best way to design their study and to recruit participants, the best instruments to measure their variables of interest, the best way to capture the data (e.g. databases), how large the study needs to be to detect the anticipated effect, and what statistical analyses to perform to answer their main question.

Members of the CReDITSS team can help throughout the research process, from helping to draft the research plan for the grant application to gathering data to analysing the data to writing up the results in a paper. The unit also provides advice to PhD students and registrars who need a helping hand with their analyses.

CReDITSS is not-for-profit and works on a cost-recovery basis as a service to local researchers.

Key Contacts:

Jonathan Plummer – Statistician
Phone: (02) 4042 0502

Natasha Weaver – Statistician
Phone: (02) 4042 0507

Alessandra Bisquera – Statistician
Phone: (02) 4042 0320

Kerrin Palazzi – Junior Statistician
Phone: (02) 4042 0505

Dr Elizabeth Holliday – NHMRC Research Fellow
Phone: (02) 4042 0508

Dr Chris Oldmeadow – Senior Statistician
Phone: (02) 4042 0499

Stephen Cowling – Senior Programmer
Phone: (02) 4042 0495

Luke Klein – Web Developer
Phone: (02) 4042 0501

Professor John Attia – Co-Director CReDITSS
Phone: (02) 4042 0515

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