Those who participate in clinical trials and other studies are often the first to access and benefit from new and emerging treatments across a range of areas.

You also have the satisfaction of one helping someone else with an illness, providing important scientific information that will be used to develop new disease treatments and improve already existing ones.

Many HMRI research studies also recruit through the HMRI Research Register.

Cognitive flexibility from adolescence to senescence

Research Areas: Brain, cognition, adaptation, adolescence, neurology, connectivity

Investigators: Associate Professor Frini Karayanidis

Location: University of Newcastle, Calvary Mater Hospital

Immune System During Pregnancy

Research Areas:  Pregnancy, immunity, influenza, women’s health, organ transplant

Investigators: Professor Roger Smith

Location: HMRI Building, John Hunter Hospital

Obesity and COPD

Research Areas: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), obesity, nutrition, physical activity, cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease

Investigators: Dr Vanessa McDonald

Location: HMRI Building

Stress During Pregnancy

Research Areas:  Pregnancy, Indigenous health, renal disease, fetal development

Investigators: Dr Kym Rae

Location: HMRI Building, John Hunter Hospital

The PULSE Study: Type 2 Diabetes in men

Research Areas:  Diabetes, men’s health, nutrition, physical activity, weight loss, obesity

Investigators: Professor Robin Callister

Location: University of Newcastle